I have been heading the Department of Environmental Analysis since 2006. The scientific team of the Department is divided into four Laboratories, where research is carried out in the field of environmental chemical risk assessment, environmental monitoring and analysis, analysis of natural compounds and biomedical and biopharmaceutical analysis.

We specialize in chemical analysis, primarily of environmental samples (water, soil), but also of biological tissues of plants and animals or body fluids, in terms of the presence of both natural substances and chemical compounds derived from human activities.

Currently, our leading research topics include (i) analysis and environmental fate of residues of pharmaceuticals used in human and veterinary medicine entering the environment, (ii) development of novel analytical solutions for environmental and biomedical research, (iii) profiling of cuticular insect lipids as potential biofungicides, (iv) chemotaxonomic classification of plants based on the profile of secondary metabolites and (v) study of chemical composition disorders of biologically active compounds in patients with metabolic diseases. I invite you to visit our website and facebook profile (links below)



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